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After presenting their first eRoadbike, French cult brand LOOK is now launching its electric-gravel counterpart. The LOOK e-765 Gravel shares many shares many genes with the road version and designed to bring a lot of fun off the beaten track with its wider tires and the 250 W FAZUA mid-drive motor..

LOOK spent the best part of 35 years developing pedals, components and high-end carbon bikes in their HQ in Nevers, France. With the launch of the LOOK e-765 Optimum e-racer, which we’ve already tested for you, the French manufacturer started a new chapter in its company history – and it’s all about e-bikes! And now, the French surprise us all over again: LOOK presents the e-765 Gravel.


Since gravel bikes have generally lots in common with road bikes and the e-765 Gravel inherits many of the traits of the e-765 Optimum road bike, this test will mainly focus on the differences between the two e-765 versions.

Whilst eMTBs are already considered mainstream and eRoad-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, eGravel bikes are about to make the gravel-fun more accessible to the masses. Is eGravel the latest hype? Is it the perfect blend of both genres?

LOOK e-765 Gravel – Concept and spec

The overall concept of the e-765 Gravel is promising. Based on the e-765 Optimum Roadbike, LOOK’s new eGravel-bike relies on a mid-drive motor from German start-up manufacturer FAZUA. The 250 W motor sits in the bottom bracket and churns out a maximum torque of 60 Nm. Off-road, the motor provides pleasant support on steep climbs and difficult sections on loose terrain. With its 250 Wh battery the FAZUA motor provides lots of fun and sets you up for longer rides. In order to address the specific needs of gravel riders, LOOK teamed up with FAZUA’s engineers to work on a special motor-setup, which is very different from the eRoad version. Its smoother character was conceived to allow for better grip on loose terrain.


According to product manager Frederic Caron, he and his team spent endless hours developing the e-765 Gravel, using their extensive knowledge in carbon technology to keep the total weight of the eGravel as close as possible to the road version. The chainstays of the e-765 Gravel are just 5 mm longer, a small mod that allows for nimble cornering performance. The bottom bracket drop is the same as on the eThe e-765 Gravel will be available in two versions in sizes S, M, L and XL. Thanks to the generous tire clearance, you can run tire widths of up to 40 mm on 700c wheels and 2.1” on 650b rims. This makes the e-765 Gravel fit for any sort of scenario. The e-765 Gravel features Mavic’s clever Speed Release system with a 142×12 mm through axle at the rear and a 100×12 mm axle at the front. The system allows for fast and straightforward wheel changes.-765 Optimum and provides an ideal balance between single-trail nimbleness and road-fun. Unlike other models from the competition (i.e. FOCUS Paralane2), LOOK sticks to the Roadbike concept and renounces the wider Boost-axle on the rear wheel. On one hand this makes for a sportier riding behaviour, on the other it allows you to use the wheels of your non-electric gravel bike – if you have one!

As with the e-765 Optimum, the FAZUA drive-unit consists of a motor, a 250 Wh battery, and a bottom bracket, which add a total extra weight of 4.6 kg. At the touch of a button, the battery and motor can be removed from the down-tube and replaced with a cover if necessary. This means you have the option of riding your e-765 Gravel without the motor unit. Once you removed the unit, you can cover the housing with a plastic cover. This weighs just under 500 g and can be used as a practical and rather generous storage unit. With this setup, the bike is a whopping 2.8 kg lighter.

In order to provide a good level of comfort, LOOK relies on their newly-developed 3D wave rear-end technology. A 3D seat-stay design and different carbon layups are used to increase the vertical compliance of the rear-end by up to 15%, without compromising the cornering behaviour of the bike.

The top-spec version of the e-765 Gravel in our test comes in a matt-green finish and features a SRAM Force CX1 groupset with a standard 42t chainring and 11-36 cassette. For their brand-new e-765 Gravel, LOOK developed a special carbon seatpost and alloy stem. This last one is specifically designed for e-bikes and provides the needed front-end stiffness. The gravel-specific alloy bars with a 12° flare follow the latest gravel-bike trends.

The e-765 Gravel rolls out of the factory on Mavic All-Road Disc wheels and 37 mm WTB Riddler tires – which came out on top in our “Best Gravel-tire test” back in November 2018. Just like the E-Roadbike, the e-765 Gravel comes with tubeless-ready rims and tires, but LOOK delivers the bike with an inner-tube. This means you can convert your wheels to a tubeless setup without spending any money on extra bits (you just need to buy sealant).

All in all, the e-765 Gravel SRAM Force 1×11 weighs 13.6 kg in size M, which makes it just 200 g heavier than the e-765 Optimum. Starting now, the e-765 is available at your trusted LOOK dealer in the following two specs:

e-765 Gravel SRAM 1×11

Motor FAZUA Evation
Groupset SRAM Force CX 1 x 11
Cranks FSA 1 x 42t
Cassette SRAM PG 1130 11 x 36
Wheels MAVIC All-Road Disc Tubeless
Tires WTB Riddler 700 x 34 Tubeless
Seatpost LOOK LS2 Carbon 27.2 mm x 350 mm
Stem LOOK Aluminium LDS
Handlebars LOOK Aluminium LS2 Compact 12° Flare
Finish green matt
Weight 13.6 kg (Size M)


e-765 Gravel SRAM Rival 1×11

Motor FAZUA Evation
Groupset SRAM Rival 1
Cranks FSA 1 x 42t
Cassette SRAM PG 1130 11 x 36
Wheels Shimano RS 170 Disc Tubeless
Tires WTB Riddler 700 x 34 Tubeless
Seatpost LOOK LS2 Carbon 27.2 mm x 350 mm
Stem LOOK Aluminium LDS
Handlebars LOOK Aluminium LS2 Compact 12° Flare
Finish grey matt
Weight 13.6 kg (Size M)

First test: LOOK e-765 Gravel

Electric racers allow for longer rides and eMTBs make for even more trail-fun. But where does the eGravel fit in the equation? Right in the middle perhaps? We tested the high-end version of the e-765 Gravel on the steep and demanding terrain of the French vineyards… and we’re truly impressed!

Compared to road bikes, gravel bikes put you in a very different mindset. When we ride gravel, we just want to have fun and spend some quality time away from the tarmac – that’s pretty much the spirit at GRAN-FONDO. And yet, it’s important to find the right balance between on- and off-road performance – and the e-765 Gravel seems to be doing this very well. Thanks to its strong road-genes, the LOOK maintains its agile character and superb manoeuvrability, even on the road. Weighing just 200 g more than the E-Road version, the e-765 Gravel picks up speed almost as swiftly and offers plenty of grip with its 37 mm WTB Riddler tires.

On the short paved stretch between the hotel and the first single-track, we realised that LOOK didn’t promise too much. The stiff bottom bracket-area converts every crank-spin into efficient acceleration, and the frame feels nice and stiff even after removing the battery.

Thanks to the FAZUA mid-drive motor that sits in the down tube, the e-765 Gravel literally sticks to the ground and effortlessly carves through fast downhill serpentines. Using the same identical head-angle and fork-offset of the eRoad version, the gravel model feels lively and agile. If you took away the humming noise of the studded tires, you’d probably forget that you’re sitting on a gravel bike.

When the FAZUA motor decouples around the 25 km/h threshold, the bike cruises away comfortably. FAZUA’s clever freewheel design allows for drag-free pedalling, which means you won’t feel much difference to a conventional gravel bike – especially when riding on flat trails.

The superb grip of the tires, the pleasant flare in the drops and SRAM’s powerful disc-brakes inspire tons of confidence. Especially for gravel beginners, the extra weight right in the middle of the bike inspires a huge amount of confidence.

Once you hit the trail, you really notice the advantages of the electric support. In this part of France, the vineyards are very steep, and sometimes we even asked ourselves whether we’d made it to the top without the extra support. Thanks to the smoothly-tuned support we never lost traction and got to the top of the hill with a massive grin on our face.

  • Configuration: Sram Force 1
  • Color: Green Mat
  • Wheels: Mavic All Road Disc
  • Handlebar: Look LS2 Alloy Compact 12 Flare
  • Stem: Look Alloy Gds
  • Saddle: Fizik Antares R7
  • Seatpost: Look LS2 Carbon


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